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Search and replace in MySQL

Posted in Databases on Jul 24th, 2006

I recently had to help a friend go through a site and correct alot of wrong URLs. Here is an easy way to do search and replace in MySQL, for those of you who didn’t know. (more…)

Testing ReceiveLinks link exchange network

Posted in Search engines on Jul 21st, 2006

I previously tested LinkVault with little or no success. Now I’ve taken it upon myself to test ReceiveLinks. So far it’s looking pretty neat’o. It’s very easy to set up (very similar to LV) and easy to manage. The user interface is simple, not pretty, but effective. If you like you can test it out yourself. It’s free and if you sign up as a referral of mine, I’ll help you get started. (more…)

Mambo and Joomla exposed as script kiddies have their summer holidays

Posted in Content management on Jul 19th, 2006

Both Mambo and Joomla have in the recent weeks had their skirts lifted by hackers who have found vulnerabilities in the sourcecode and started taking advantage of this. I have seen everything from simple defacings to the more advanced eggdrop plantations and DDoS attacks. After finding vulnerabilities in both the Mambo and Joomla cores, the fairytale continued with the discovery of several components and modules that had holes in them too. Here is a short list of components and modules you should avoid, or patch or remove completely if you have them installed: (more…)

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