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MySQL connection (resource) management

Posted in Content management,Databases,PHP on Aug 18th, 2006

Just came across a good article by Jay Pipes talking about lazy loading and caching of content. A nice read with some good code examples that I thought I should share with my fellow readers. (more…)

Creating symlinks without shell access

Posted in Content management,PHP on Aug 9th, 2006

While testing out the WordPress plugin WP-Cache, used to cache and speed up wordpress powered websites, I came across a list of commens on the plugin creator’s website where alot of comments had questions as to how one should create a symlink that was required in the plugin installation. (more…)

Mambo announces more improvements in 4.6

Posted in Content management on Aug 8th, 2006

Production release of Mambo 4.6 is expected within this month, and Team Mambo has now announced a list of new improvements to be expected. (more…)

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