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Back with PubMatic after receiving outstanding service

Posted in Advertising,Marketing,Software,Web apps on Oct 11th, 2007

This week a really strange and really nice thing happened to Torkil the disgruntled PubMatic user. I now feel convinced that I have to try PubMatic for real for at least another month, and do it a bit more wholeheartedly this time. (more…)

Abandoning pubmatic — new tactic

Posted in Marketing on Oct 6th, 2007

The test period was short-lived. I wrote a small piece of PHP code which loaded Google Adsense and Pubmatic randomly, and as it turns out, pubmatic only gave me 50% the number of page views that Adsense does. So basically it looks like Pubmatic will take 50% of your profits. Nice. I did use several ad programs, but none gave the return that Adsense did. Now I am adopting a new strategy… (more…)

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