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Back with PubMatic after receiving outstanding service

Posted in Advertising,Marketing,Software,Web apps on Oct 11th, 2007

This week a really strange and really nice thing happened to Torkil the disgruntled PubMatic user. I now feel convinced that I have to try PubMatic for real for at least another month, and do it a bit more wholeheartedly this time.

This week I got an e-mail from Rajeev Goel, co-founder and General Manager of PubMatic, asking if I would consider talking with him concerning my recent blog post about abandoning PubMatic. where I decided to stop using it because it would seem as if PubMatic was taking half of my ad income. Well… I was mistaken on that part, and Rajeev also let me in on a few of the secrets behind the inner workings of PubMatic.

Pubmatic logo

Let’s get the misunderstanding out of the way first: I thought PubMatic was taking half of my ad views, and that turned out to be a really stupid mistake on my part. I had set up my ads to display PubMatic ads half of the time, and Google Adsense the other half of the time. To make a long story short: PubMatic would only count the ads it displayed through it’s own system, this being mostly Adsense blocks with colour variations, while Adsense itself would count all the ads it displayed directly AND all the ads served through PubMatic since they too were in fact Googleads. So the joke is on me, and to the PubMatic team: I am sorry you had to take a long distance call from California to Norway to explain this to myself.

Getting a phonecall from California
Yes, Rajeev actually gave me a call and went through my numbers with me, asking me what I did not like with PubMatic and trying to explain and/or find solutions to my issues. As he pointed out, I at least had a 10% increase in ad income, without lifting a finger I might add. This even without letting PubMatic roam free and give it the opportunity to optimize at it’s own accord, which I will start doing from now on to see what it might really do. He was also keen to explain a bit around how their ad selection system works and how they plan on making money on this system, but he also asked me kindly not to reveal this on my blog. I got the opportunity to fill him in on my opinion on the PubMatic system as a whole, which I must admit is pretty nifty now that the whole misunderstanding from last week has been cleared up.

Learning to love complaining clients
To sum up: Yes, he actually scheduled a call three days in advance, and took 20 minutes of his time to take a long distance conversation to one, tiny, insignificant and dissattisfied customer in Bodø, Norway. In return I naturally answered any question he had, like for instance how I came across PubMatic. All in all, I think there is alot to be learned here that many web application developers might not even consider. Sure the world is large and the number of potential online clients is probably insanely large, but attention to the little man might get you alot of well-earned credits and online attention. Brendon Sinclair wrote a small piece on learning to love complaining clients, and I think he makes a few good points there.


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