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Should I care about SEF URLs anymore?

Posted in Marketing,Search engines on Sep 17th, 2010

Exchanged opinions with Peter van Westen and Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos on Twitter, and long story short; they consider SEF URLs to be something that neither people nor Google care about anymore. I thought I disagreed at first, but then I realized I should not have an opinion on this, I should have facts. So here is my research.

(more…) lauches

Posted in Content management,Marketing,Software,Standards on Nov 28th, 2007

“The Email Standards Project works with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email.”

I recommend that anyone currently involved in setting up or sending e-mail newsletters stop by this site to check out what you can do to contribute. This should be highly relevant for anyone with a CMS out there…

Email Standards


Back with PubMatic after receiving outstanding service

Posted in Advertising,Marketing,Software,Web apps on Oct 11th, 2007

This week a really strange and really nice thing happened to Torkil the disgruntled PubMatic user. I now feel convinced that I have to try PubMatic for real for at least another month, and do it a bit more wholeheartedly this time. (more…)

Abandoning pubmatic — new tactic

Posted in Marketing on Oct 6th, 2007

The test period was short-lived. I wrote a small piece of PHP code which loaded Google Adsense and Pubmatic randomly, and as it turns out, pubmatic only gave me 50% the number of page views that Adsense does. So basically it looks like Pubmatic will take 50% of your profits. Nice. I did use several ad programs, but none gave the return that Adsense did. Now I am adopting a new strategy… (more…)

Want to boost your ad revenue automatically?

Posted in Marketing,Software on Sep 21st, 2007

I came across a blog post on by Matt Mickiewicz commenting on a new ad program called PubMatic that supposedly will maximize your profits by optimizing your ads for you. I’ve taken it upon myself to test and review this ad program and post my findings here on my blog.

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